The Market of LED Tube Light Bulbs

LED tube light bulbs and the first rate services have won high reputation both in domestic and foreign. When the LED tube light bulbs are widely applied in public area, such as, museum, library, square and garden, people's life has changed lot. The LED light make the public entertaiment possible among the ordinary people, and it is not hard to find many Chinese people dance to the music under the colorful lights.

LED Tube Light

Rwducing the cost of production is one of the lifelong goals of the manufactures.The low caost means possible marke in the eyes of the suppliers. Taking the LED light as an example, the power it used will directly affect the life of the product. Use a special switch power supply (preferably constant current source) to the LED tube lights power supply will not affect the product life cycle of products, but the cost of the product is relatively high.
In this process, LED tube light bulbs in some anti-static measures, such as, for the production of: cutting to the ground, workers wearing anti-static clothing, anti-static ring, anti-static gloves, anti-static conditions, can be installed ion fan, but also to ensure plant about 65% humidity, the air is too dry to prevent static electricity, especially the green LED tube lights is relatively more easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, LED tube light bulbs antistatic ability is not high-quality grades of different quality levels of anti-static LED tube lights more capable.
The temperature of LED tube lights will stay normal even they have on for several hous. LED tube light bulbs use a regulated power supply make the current increases possible. LED light source will make a serious "burning", so the best current source power supply to the LED is to ensure that the operating system from the outside temperature is current.