Integrated LED Tube

T5, T8 integrated LED tube (CE & RoHS approved) high illuminance, low energy consumption, long life. Our LED tubes incorporate integral drivers, are self-supporting, and can be surface mounted. Individual units can be plugged together for continuous lengths up to 20 feet. Safety and advanced TOP wide range voltage and frequency and constant current with Isolated circuit design, small size, high efficiency and High Power Factor.

T5 Integrated Led Tube T8 Integrated Led Tube

Integrated T5 LED Tube

Model Length Power Chips No.of Led Voltage Material CRI PF LM 
HI-T5-GC5W 0.3 5W SMD2835 22 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 350
HI-T5-GC9W 0.6 9W SMD2835 44 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 700
HI-T5-GC13W 0.9 13W SMD2835 64 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 1100
HI-T5-GC15W 1 15W SMD2835 70 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 1200
HI-T5-GC18W 1.2 18W SMD2835 96 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 1400
HI-T5-GC22W 1.5 22W SMD2835 118 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 1800

T8 Integrated LED Tube

Model Length Power Chips No.of Led Voltage Material CRI PF LM 
HI-T8-GC10W 0.6 10W SMD2835 48 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 700
HI-T8-GC14W 0.9 14W SMD2835 72 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 1200
HI-T8-GC18W 1.2 18W SMD2835 96 100-265V PC+AL >80 >0.5/0.9 2000

Features of Integrated LED Tube:

1. Use aluminium alloy shell and PC cover, over 90% light transmission makes the light softly and brightly.
2. Use high-efficiency and stable power supply ,make sure long working life and safty.
3. High light output,little heat,save energy,no environment pollution.
4. Working in wide voltahe,AC185-260,THE LIGHT IS SAFTY AND NO FLASH.
5. Life span is over 30,000hours.
6.Emit NO UV or IR radiation, environmentally friendly
7.Universal input voltages available for North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia
8. 2 years warranty base on different price and products
9. CE&ROHS approved

Color temperature

Application of Integrated LED Tube:

Home, Office, Meeting Room, Showing Room, Libray, Commercial Building, Conference;
Factory, Production Line, Warehouse, Garage, Restaurant, Hotel, Mall, Supermarket, Parking Lot;
Street, Metro, Airport, Bus & Train Station, Hospital, Gas Station, Institution, School, Art Gallery, Billboard, etc.

Application of Integrated LED Tube

This integrated LED tube are great energy efficient way to light up your workshop, garage or any places that you need light. with easy installation clips it only take minutes to install.