T8 LED Tube

New LED T8 Tube 1/3 aluminum + 2 / 3PC cap structure,aluminum thickness greatly increased cooling capacity to extend the tube lifespan;high transmittance PC cover light uniformity ,soft light;which design to ensure that products in use process will not cause the lamp body bent,and the light emitting angle can reach 270°,to expand the area of illumination.

T8 LED Tube T8 LED Tube

Model No. Size Input Voltage qty/CN Lumen CRI
Clear Milky
HC-T8-2FT-10W-ID 600mm*D32mm AC 100-277V 25 1200 1000 >80
HC-T8-4FT-13W-ID 1200mm*D32mm AC 100-277V 25 1690 1350
HC-T8-4FT-18W-ID 1200mm*D32mm AC 100-277V 25 2160 1800
HC-T8-4FT-18W-ID-C 1200mm*D32mm AC 100-347V 25 2160 1800
HC-T8-4FT-22W-ID 1200mm*D32mm AC 100-277V 25 2530 2050
HC-T8-8FT-36W-ID 2400mm*D32mm AC 100-277V 15 4320 3780

Features of T8 LED Tube:

1. LED Double-insulated internal driver
2. Rotatable end cap and standard cap available
3. High power factor >0.95, low THD <15%
4. Instant on / instant off. No warm-up time
5. Wide voltage: AC110-277V
6. Retrofit kits available for direct replacement of T8/T10/T12 fluorescent fixtures
7. Working Temperature: -20°~45°
8. Lifespan:>50,000hours.Warranty:5 years

Good quality LED chipsAluminum alloy materials with standard T8 specification

LED T8 tube lights do not require the use of either a ballast (optional) or starter, allowing you to save even more energy and ensuring longer lifespan. Installation is simple but does require some basic wiring knowledge - if you do not feel comfortable undergoing such work please do call an electrician. Simply disconnect or bypass the ballast during installation to install our LED replacements.

Application of T8 LED Tube:

Application of T8 LED Tube

T8 LED tubes are the long-lasting, high-quality lighting alternatives to fluorescent tube lights. Perfect for office lighting, school lighting, hospital lighting, factory lighting, and more, the 4' LED T8 tube has an output of 2,200 lumens. LEDs emit cool white illumination without the green hue or flickering that is common in fluorescent lighting. Also, unlike fluorescent lights, this LED T8 tube turns on instantly—even in cold weather—and is simple to dispose of because it contains no harmful mercury. The energy-efficient LED light uses just 18 watts of power—significantly less than the 32 watts that would be consumed by an equivalent fluorescent tube light.